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DIY a professionally designed blog logo in minutes with the Blog Logo Creator for Canva.



Are you ready for a scroll-stopping Blog Logo?

Imagine this: Visitors landing on your blog, seeing your branding and your LOGO – and they instantly know that your content is tailor-made for them.

They sign up for your email list, become fans of your blog posts and buy your products (or services).

This is what good branding can do for you: Connect your ideal audience with your content and make you money, effortlessly.

And still, getting your branding – and let’s not even speak of the logo – right, can be tough. Especially if you are not a designer and you just want to write good content.

Can you relate?

That’s why we have built the Blog Logo Creator for Canva. It’s our proven one-stop-shop to design your own blog logo – without being a pro graphic designer.

The Blog Logo Creator is perfect for you, if...

… You want a professional logo, but can’t afford to work with a designer yet

… You feel like the standard text logo of your theme isn’t serving your blog anymore

… You know exactly how your blog logo should look like, but you don’t know how you can make it happen without Photoshop and the likes

… You feel invisible as a blogger and want your blog to gain more attention

… You are ready to DIY a logo, but don’t want it to look like DIY

DIY Logos that were built with the Blog Logo Creator:

Here is what our clients say:

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Your Blog is ready for more.

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