3 Reasons Your Blog Needs an Email Opt-In

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It’s easy to assume that email is an outdated form of communication.

I mean, after all, when we can send a message on Facebook or Instagram, why waste time with email, right?

Not so fast.

According to the statistic gurus over at Statista, 49% of consumers want to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands.

Of course, to take advantage of this statistic, you have to set up an email list.

But what is an Email List?

What Is An Email List and Why do You Need One?

If you’re a blogger, your email list will include people who have:

  • Opted in to receive special offers, discounts, coupon codes or education
  • Voluntarily subscribed to receive blog updates
  • Made a purchase and decided they were okay with future updates from you

How Do you Set One Up?

To capture leads to sign up for your email list, you have to find an email marketing provider.

I have recently switched all my email communication over to Mailerlite highly recommend them!

You can literally do everything you need to with Mailerlite. From automation solutions to surveys, they have all the tools you need to successfully set up an email opt-in on your blog.

Luckily, their setup is user-friendly, and their customer support is top-notch.

But once you spend all that time setting up your emails, what type of content should you send your audience?

Going Beyond Content Updates—Why Create Community-Driven Newsletters

Email is a form of direct communication. Your message goes directly to the inbox of your audience.

That’s why it is crucial to create community-driven content in your newsletters.

What does that mean? Well, while it’s tempting to only send out newsletters about your latest content, it can derail your marketing efforts.

Focus on community-centric content to keep your readers hanging on every word. Don’t just send them a snippet of your latest blog post. Try to deliver extra value, tell a story or find a twist that allows your subscribers to directly engage with you.

To get your readers into your email list, you will have to capture these leads somehow. This is done with one (or more) email opt-ins on your blog.

There are so many good reasons to go ahead and create an email opt-in for your blog NOW.

Reason #1. To Get Your Content Shared

Email subscribers are more likely to share your content.

Building a relationship with them by sending them value-focused content increases their likelihood of sharing your content.

Reason #2. To Build a Loyal Fanbase

Blog readers who sign up, or opt-in, for your emails, do it with a purpose.

They want to hear from you.

This opens up tons of opportunities to offer promotional products and to connect with your audience on a one-on-one level.

Reason #3. Because Emails Have Higher Click-Through Rates

You spend hours crafting the perfect blog posts, downloadables, and courses.

But if no one is reading or viewing them, what’s the point?

With a healthy email list, you have a primed audience just waiting for your next piece of copy.

If you want to see more readers visiting your blog, you simply need an email list.

Want More Tips?

Get your own email list set up via Mailerlite to build your audience, get your content shared, and increase click-through rates.

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