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Your Affiliate Blog Boutique

You always wanted to have your own little online Boutique but without all the hassle and responsibility of an actual shop that is coming along? Then the Affiliate Boutique is exactly the right solution for you. Curate all your favorite lifestyle products in one place and earn good money via commissions.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Affiliate Business here is a little read to get you started and give you a summary of what it’s about.

All of you who are already member of an affiliate network and have experience with it can dive with me right into it.

How do I get started with my Affiliate Shop?

All myb Themes have already implemented all styles and necessary code within the themes. All you need is access to the third party technology of your affiliate network.

Currently supported Affiliate network technology → RewardStyle & ShopStyle Collective. If you’re using a different network please understand that there is no guarantee that our themes will support those networks.

Creating a Boutique Page

  • Go to your WP dashboard and create a new Page via the ADD NEW button.
  • On the left hand side of your page editor you find the option to set the page attributes. Leave parent default and only choose for  template the option Boutique. Now click on save to secure your advancements so far.
  • Now that we created the Boutique Page and gave it the right template we can start to create the shopping code with your affiliate network.
  • Here are written guides on how to that for ShopStyle and RewardStyle.
  • Copy the created shopping code and paste it now into your Boutique Page and make sure you do this while in Text Mode of your page editor.
  • Yay! You’ve done it. Don’t forget to click on save to secure your progress.
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