Shop the Post Plugin

The Shop the Post plugin comes automatically with all our myb WordPress Themes and enables you to use our handy and cool monetization feature directly in your blog posts as well as giving you the opportunity of building your own Affiliate Shopping Boutique.

You can install and activate the Shop the Post plugin either through our Magical Them Wizard or any time later. In your WP dashboard you’ll see a banner which friendly reminds you to install the recommend plugins.

Simply click on the banner and follow the onscreen instructions for the installation and activation of the Shop the Post plugin.

Read below how to use the Shop the Post Feature & here how to use the Affiliate Shopping Boutique.

Shop The Post Feature

My Boutique WordPress Themes have a great monetizing feature for all bloggers who want to make money from their blog content and let their readers shop their style right away of the blog posts. It’s called Shop the Post and you are going to love to use it. The myb Themes Shop the Post widget works with all major affiliate networks like RewardStyle, ShopStyle, Tracdelight.

What do you need to use it?

Basically two things: Install and activate the myb Themes Shop the Post plugin (comes automatically along with the theme) and be a member of an affiliate network which allows you to create shopping widget codes.

How to use it?

If you’re not familiar with affiliate networks here is a good read for starters. If you are familiar with Affiliate Networks follow the steps below:

First Part!

First we will prepare the shop the post widget before using it. By now you should have already installed and activated the Shop the Post plugin.

  • Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Shop the Post.
  • Give your Shopping Widget a new title or leave the default title.
  • Optional! Paste in your Tracdelgiht Header Script (ONLY USER OF TDELIGHT)

Second Part!

  • Next login into your affiliate network dashboard and start creating your shopping widget for your blog post.
  • Copy the shopping widget code and navigate to your blog post and simply paste it into one of the affiliate network options. This will make it appear on the blogpost preview on the homepage.
  • Now copy the shortcode you see below the shop the post widget and simply paste it anywhere you like into your blog post. This will make it appear on the single blog page view.
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