myb Thumbnails Widget

The My Boutique Themes myb Thumbnails Widget are three square boxes which can be placed anywhere on the available widgets areas. It’s a versatile tool to display many different things on your blog. The thumbnail boxes allow you to upload images and give them a title which will be displayed as overlays. Additionally you can link the thumbnail boxes to anything you like. In our theme demo versions we use the Thumbnail Widget to display featured categories.

How to use it?

  • Navigate to Appearance → Widgets.
  • Look for the myb Thumbnail Widget from the available widgets and drag it to any widget area you like.
  • In most of our examples we place it either on the widget area ‘Before Content Homepage or After Content Homepage. Feel free to place it anywhere you like.
  • After finding the right place for the widget you can start upload your images and typing titles as well as giving the thumbnail boxes URL links.
  • Don’t forget to click on save after you’re done to secure your progress.
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