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My Customizer is not shown. What may be the issue?

If you experience a blank theme Customizer it’s likely you came across an caching error with your myb WordPress theme. No worries as we can easily handle this issue with a simple trick.

Here are the steps you need to take to solve the blank Customizer issue:

  • Navigate to your Themes tab and activate for the short time being a different Theme.
  • After you’ve activated a different Theme please navigate to your theme Customizer via Appearance → Customizer. Here you should see your Customizer again.
  • Now you need to switch back your myb Theme on (reactivate) within the Customizer itself. For this please click on the active theme tab you see as the first tab in your Customizer and choose back the myb Child Theme. Save your progress via the publish tab and voila, your Customizer is now visible again.
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