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Article Page & Single Page Options

All My Boutique WordPress Themes have the option to choose the layout of the single pages independently from homepage layout. This gives you an extra branding choice to style the theme after your gusto and make it even more personal. You’ll have the option to give your single pages, this includes article pages like blog posts and single pages like about or contact page, the sidebar feature or to leave them with the full width layout. As well as displaying the featured image of your blog posts as the first image on the article page. Get inspired by our demo version of your theme on how this can look & feel.

Navigate to Appearance → Customize → THEME Options → Article & Pages.

Article / Page Layout

Please tick or untick the options you prefer for your article & page layout. This can be changed anytime via the Customizer tab if you wish to try out the other options.

You have the option to display the Related Posts at the end of every blog post so your readers can enjoy similar content after finishing the read. This is a good way to keep your readers on your blog longer. You can enable this option by simply ticking it.

Want the Title ‘Related Posts’ to say something different? No Problem, you can modify the title by simply typing the field your own title.

The number of ‘Related Posts’ can also me adjusted by simple reducing or increasing the default number of posts.

Lastly you can decide from what this widget should pull your related posts. You can choose between Tags and Categories.

Pro Tip: We recommend you to choose Categories over Tags!

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