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  • Start a WordPress Blog

    Hi WordPress beginner! This module is your first step into starting a blog. It's all about what WordPress acutally is, how to use it and what to prepare for hosting your own blog. I'll show you how to setup an affordable hosting plan with Bluehost and get your own blog domain. After completing this module you will have your blog setup to start designing!

  • Install a Theme

    In this module you learn how to install your first WordPress theme. How you find the perfect one, upload it to your WordPress site and set it up for your success. I'll also give you a little tour through the WordPress customizer and show you how you can change elements of your theme like layout or menus, add widgets and change the colors to fit your brand.

  • Prepare your Blog for Making Money

    *With the first two modules you are perfectly set up to start blogging. This module dives deeper into the little secrets that will help you earn money with your blog from the start. The videos in this module cover:* 1. *The most important SEO basics and how to setup Yoast SEO on your WordPress blog* 2. *How to connect your email marketing provider to your blog and collect your first 50 email subscribers with a newsletter popup* 3. *How to easily create your first landing (sales) page with Elementor Page Builder*

Test Course

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