3 Reasons for a Static Homepage: How to Make the Most of Your Blog Homepage

How you set up your blog is almost as important as the type of content you post.

In the world of blogging, there are two options: a homepage with blog posts and a static landing page with more information.

Most WordPress themes by default show your most recent posts on a landing page. It isn’t dynamic or deeply interesting. But it gets the job done.

A homepage will feature not only your latest blog posts but also additional information.

For some bloggers, this might work. For others, it may not.

It all comes down to what your audience wants to see.

Before you make the decision for your blog, here are a few things to think about.

3 Reasons Why A Static Homepage Can Benefit Your Blog

To Tell Your Audience Who You Are

Static homepages explain to your readers who you are and what you do. You have only seconds to capture the attention of first-time visitors to your website. In those few seconds, they’ll decide if your content is what they’re looking for. A static homepage helps you clarify who you are quickly.

Some bloggers prefer to do this in a sidebar intro to complement their blog posts and others do it with their About page. But for many bloggers, a homepage provides a good foundation to communicate with their audience.

To Direct Your Audience to Certain Areas

Sometimes people like to be told what to do. Not in that brow-beating private school teacher sort of way. More in the, “Hey, I just landed on this site. What should I do next?” sort of way.

If you’re trying to attract new clients to your website and your blog helps you drive traffic, it might be a good idea to direct people to your portfolio.

If you’re building trust, you might want them to head over to a free course where they can sign up for free information.

Without a static homepage, you cannot highlight the products, services, or tools you offer your audience that you want them to take action on. While a menu can be helpful, it can’t always get people to take action. A homepage can help with that.

To Build Your Brand

One of the first rules of brand building is to tell & show people who you are. If you leave it up to your readers to decide, you lose a chance to shape their first impression of you.

A homepage encourages your audience to explore who you really are.

 Instead of browsing through the latest blog posts you put up, you can point them towards 3-6 posts that define your blog or business.

Is a Static Homepage Right for My Blog?

There are two main defining factors for whether your blog needs a homepage or not.

#1. You blog for business.

If you blog to build your business, sell a product, or promote a service then yes, you need a static homepage for all of the reasons I listed above.

#2. You blog for fun with no clearly defined purpose.

If blogging is a hobby and you simply enjoy it for the sake of writing, you probably don’t need to guide your audience through your content.

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